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If your landlord wants you to leave during agricultural tenancy

If you have an assured (which is not a short-hold agricultural occupancy) or regulated agricultural tenancy you will only have to leave your property if a court issues a possession order against you telling you to leave.

Your landlord will only be able to get a possession order against you in certain circumstances such as:


  • if you do not pay the rent (there may be rules on how much and for how long);
  • if you break a condition of the tenancy;
  • if you cause a nuisance;
  • if you damage your home;
  • if your landlord or local council provide suitable alternative accommodation for you.
  • If you lose your job or leave to start another one or you can`t work because of illness or injury then you can still stay in the property.


However, if your landlord needs your home for another farm worker, they must either offer you alternative accommodation or if they are unable to do this ask your council to re-house you. Your council will then need to do everything it can to find you somewhere else to live.

If as an agricultural tenant you die then you will pass an agricultural tenancy on to your husband, wife or partner if he/she is living with you when you die but you can only do this once.

If you are not married and you do not have a partner you can pass the tenancy on to a member of your family provided that they have been living with you in the property for at least two years.


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