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How do I get my deposit back

You should get your deposit back at the end of your tenancy. Your landlord should have given you an inventory when you moved into the property. If he didn't he wont have much of a claim, chances are you will win if you dispute it, find out how.

The inventory lists any item of furniture or equipment the landlord has provided with the accommodation. If you didn't get an inventory at the start of your tenancy it can be difficult to prove that the landlord is keeping your deposit unfairly, but more likely these days the deposit schemes favour the Tenant in these cases.

Before you leave the accommodation arrange for the landlord to inspect the property. Your landlord can check the contents of the accommodation against the inventory. If there is no damage and your rent is up to date your landlord should give you back your deposit. It can take a few days. Sometimes landlords refuse to refund your money until they get proof that you have paid all the bills.

If you rented through a letting agent they may hold your deposit. If they refuse to return your deposit, or the company stops trading and disappears with your money, you should contact your landlord. Your landlord is responsible for returning your deposit even if you originally paid it to an agency.

If there is a dispute you need to follow the rules laid out by each deposit scheme. You can find out how to make a claim with each scheme here.


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