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Tenancy Deposit Help

Landlords and letting agents must protect your tenant deposit when you start a new tenancy agreement. There are three government-approved tenancy deposit protection schemes landlords and letting agents can use. Get help on the deposit schemes here and how do handle disputes and claims.

What do you do about a disputed deposit when a tenancy ends? What kinds of Deposit Schemes are there? How can you find out about your deposit? Having problems getting you tenancy security deposit back? Is the landlord or agent charging you unfairly? Unsure where the deposit is? Has the landlord or letting agent gone bankrupt with your deposit? How to make a claim against the landlord and other deposit related items. We'll tell you exactly want to do to get your deposit back.

Rent No Deposit

If you have not got a deposit, what can you do? Here's a few ideas.

Tenants Deposit Deductions Due to Not Cleaning

Cleaning is the most common cause of deposit deductions,

How do I get my deposit back

How to get your deposit back and what to do to make sure you get your deposit back at the end of the tenancy

Top 10 rental deposit tips

Some of the basics about your deposit and how to manage things

Whats a Deposit and why am I asked for one?

As a tenant you will more than likley be asked for some money as a deposit, heres why

Contents insurance that protects your tenancy deposit

Find out why you should never lose your deposit!

Deposit Schemes – What Deposit Schemes are there?

The Tenancy deposit protection (TDP) schemes ensure that money paid by tenants for use as deposits is kept safe.

ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution – What is it?

How to make a claim through the various tenancy deposit schemes available

Bond Scheme

Can't raise the money for a deposit? There may be a bond scheme in your area that can help you

What is Tenants Contents Insurance?

Why Lose your £1000 deposit when you dont have to?

Tenants get their deposit money back in dispute cases

National deposit schemes are working as more tenants are refunded

The Dispute Service tenancy deposit scheme

The Dispute Service Ltd (TDS) is an independent, not-for-profit company established in 2003

The Deposit Protection Service tenancy deposit scheme

The DPS is open to all private landlords and letting agents, with no pre-conditions to join

The MyDeposits tenancy deposit scheme

An insurance-based tenancy Deposit scheme, where your landlord physically keeps the deposit..

Tenants Deposit Deductions Get your deposit money back

Poor Cleaning is the most common cause of deposit deductions, here we give you a few tips to avoid losing your deposit because of a bit of dirt

The Dispute Service (TDS) ADR Claim Process

How to make a claim if your deposit is registered with the TDS scheme

The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) ADR Claim Process

How to make a claim if your deposit is registered with the DPSscheme

The MyDeposits ADR Claim Process

How to make a claim if your deposit is registered with the MyDeposits scheme

The Section 213 means your landlord must register your tenancy deposit

Your landlord must register your deposit - according to the law!

What is an Inventory and Schedule of Condition

The inventory - is it more important than the tenancy agreement?