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What to do if you have Rent issues

Its important that you know where to start with rent. It can be a complex and stressful issue when you are renting a property. Take the time to read these top TenantsTips about rent and also the other articles in this section.

Pay your rent every month on time and make payment of your rent your first priority. Remember, its your home and you can be evicted if you don’t pay your rent on time every month. Pay by standing order as you are then less likely to forget. If you pay cash, always get a receipt.
If you think your rent is too high and want it lowered. Firstly you need to be in the first six months of a new tenancy. If you are you can refer this to the Rent Assessment Panel if the landlord or landlords agent refuses your request.

If you withhold your rent, because your landlord is not carrying out proper repairs to your property we advise you to follow the correct procedure and do not spend this money on other things. If your landlord tries to evict you for rent arrears, you will be in a position to pay off the arrears.

If your landlord tries to increase your rent, it must be done in a proper way and there are only three ways he can do this :

  • by a valid rent review clause in the tenancy agreement. Check your AST.
  • by agreement with you. Sign a new AST.
  • by service upon you of the proper notice to increase rent.

If you cant pay your rent for some reason, contact to your landlord about it as soon as possible, don’t just not pay it and don’t get “ostrich syndrome” !

If you receive Housing Benefit to pay the rent, comply with ALL their requirements and complete ALL the forms they send you and send , or preferably take them to the benefit office quickly, taking any documentation they ask for. If you don’t, the chances are your benefit will be reduced or even suspended. You cant blame housing benefit if you cant pay your rent because of housing benefits failure to pay you.

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paying rent

Hi im in a situation at the present time needing help to pay my rent just this month for may ,I m seeking help, due to the fact that ,i have no family to help, also i am a single parent, with to kids,I have no where to go my rent is 950.00 plus late charge comes up to 1,100 the landlord charge 150.00 ,Please can someone help this case.please email if willing to . thank you in advance.

rent issue

I am at present in dispute with my housing association with regards to my rent, i have lived in renting accommodation for 9 and half years and my neighbour who i am really good friends with moved in a week behind me. We live in exactly the same type house (ie if you walked into her house you would say it was mine but with different furniture) have emailed the income manager about this, and they have explained that we have two different style of house even though its exactly the same and my neighbour had a mutual exchange and i moved straight in but on several conversations it turns out my neighbour has paid less rent than me from day one when she moved. Is this correct if not i will take it further to the citizens advice and get there advice. The reason for this is that yes i am in arrears with my rent of which i am trying to catch up with but if it works out i should get any refund back this should take off of my arrears.

disputing with leasing office

i am currently in a dispute with my leasing over money they claim that i owe. i do not feel that i owe the money so i refused to pay it. they informed me that if i do not pay the money then they will not accept my rent. what should i do? i reside in doraville, ga. please email me at mgloriagml@aol.com

Rent help


My name is LaTishisa Coleman and I currently reside in Knoxville, TN. I've been renting this house for the past 3 months and I'm about to be evicted soon if I don't come up with a way to pay my rent. I had my financial situation all figured out until I got a job somewhere. However, all that changed when the IRS took my whole income tax for back child support I owed. Now, I'm being evicted out of my house because I can't come up with the money to pay my rent. I have a job interview on Tuesday, however that doesn't pay the rent at the moment. Can somebody please give me advice on where I can get help with paying my rent. My email address is mojohnson26@yahoo.com.

Thank you,

LaTishisa Coleman

Rent Help

I am currently just getting out of major rebuilding of my esophogus surgery and am in recovery and have been going through major medical issues last year, and especially last two months. I have had two heart surgeries, 11 upper GI surgeries and now this one, and possible two more touch up Upper GI surgeries and one more heart ablation. I finally just started recieving Disability benifits. I got all the bills caught up and rent, but am behind in rent $400 which i have no way of being able to afford right now, and while i was in surgery they served me with and eviction notice for the $400. I am in dire need for rental assistance, I have tried calling a few churches and organizations and they are currently out of funding, I am in a panick, is there any help any of you can do for me, or know someone that can? I am in Anchorage, Alaska, my email is tonyasteichen@yahoo.com. Thank you for any help or consideration you might be able to help with

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