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Does an agricultural tenant have to pay rent?

Actually, many agricultural tenants do not pay rent. However, the amount of rent that you need to pay will depend on a lot of different factors including the type of agricultural tenancy that you have

There are two types of tenancy.

Protected agricultural tenancy

Your landlord will normally not charge you any rent if you have a protected or agricultural tenancy but this will not affect the rights that you have to live in the property. When you do stop working for your landlord they will normally start to charge you rent.

Also you can either come to an agreement with your landlord over the level of rent you pay or you can ask a rent assessment committee to set what is known as a fair rent which will be lower than a private rent.

Assured agricultural tenancy and assured short-hold

You will normally not need to pay rent if you have an assured agricultural tenancy when you are working for your landlord and this will not affect the rights. If your landlord does charge you a market rent then this must to be set at an agreed amount.

Your landlord can start to charge you rent when you stop to work for your landlord even if you did not pay any rent before. Your landlord can charge you what is known as a market rent accordingly with the size and type of your accommodation.

In this case you will need to get an agreement with your landlord over your level of rent you pay.

If you think the amount of rent is unfair then you can ask a rent officer to set the rent level. You should get advice before you ask them to do this as rent officers can put the rent up as well as down.

If you do not agree on the amount of rent set by your landlord then you should do this normally within one month of getting notice of the rent your landlords’ proposed rent increase.

If you have already agreed to pay the amount your landlord asks for then you can`t ask the rent officer to look at it later on.

If your landlord asks you to pay an amount that you will not be able to afford or think is unfair you will need to get an advice from rent officers as soon as possible.


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