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I rent and room in a HMO should I have an EPC?

If you're renting a room in a shared house with shared facilities an Energy performance Certificate gives you information about the efficiency of the heating in the whole property.

An EPC is only required when you live in a self-contained dwelling because an EPC is only required on the rental of a building or part of a building designed or altered to be used separately, so when individual rooms in a building are rented out and there are shared an EPC is not required.

Renting a room does not meet the 'part of a building' definition for the purpose of having an energy performance certificate done.

If you are moving into as room you should be given a copy of the EPC that pertains to the whole building, ask the landlord or the landlords’ agent for a copy. A new EPC is not required each time a tenant moves in to a property where there are shared facilities, although one is required for the whole house if it rented as a whole.

When a group of friends rent a property and there is a single contract between the landlord and the group for the rental of the entire property, an EPC is required for the whole dwelling not for each room.

So, the answer is yes there should be an EPC for the property but not an individual one just for each room.

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