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I live in a HMO and my landlord is breaking the law

We would recommend contacting the Housing Officer at the Environmental Health Department at your local council or authority.

The Housing Officer will then make arrangements to visit the property and carry out a thorough inspection.

The officer will check to see if HMO standards and the management are compliant with the legislation and a notice will be served on your landlord ordering any improvement work and specifying what needs to be done. A Local Authority can and will prosecute a landlord who does not obtain a valid License for a Licensable property

The main areas that will be looked at include:- Fire Safety, Electric Safety, Gas Safety, Furniture Safety and overall property standard, together with the tenancy agreements in place for the property.

If, there are some serious issues then you may be able to make claim against your landlord for damages if he has also breached the landlords covenants as set out in section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. The Housing officer should notify you in a letter of the outcome of the visit and it might be worth you seeking legal advice if you wish to make a claim yourself against the landlord.

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