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HMO help

Living in a HMO property comes with a wonderment of special rules and laws applicable to itself. It can be a bit of a mine field when it comes to deciding what is what and who is repsonsible for what especially from your landlord.

In this section we will try and throw some light on the various issues surrounding HMO's.

I rent and room in a HMO should I have an EPC?

With Costs always rising you need to know how efficient your heating is.

I live in a HMO and my landlord is breaking the law

If you think your landlord is not upholding his obligations heres what to do.

Does my landlord need to get a HMO license?

If you think your landlord needs a HMO license here some questions to ask yourself about the property you live in

What is HHSRS, the Housing Health & Safety Rating System all about?

What are the requirements to minimise the risk to health of the occupants, and does your property comply?