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Two types of agricultural tenancy

If you are an agricultural tenant then what type of tenancy you have will depend on when your tenancy started.

The important date in the Uk for the commencment of the tenancy is 15th January 1989.

Tenancies starting before 15 January 1989

If your agricultural tenancy started before 15 January 1989 you will have a regulated tenancy. This is also known as a statutory or protected agricultural tenancy.

It means that you will have many of the same rights as a private tenant with a regulated tenancy.

If you have a regulated tenancy your right to live in your home does not end even if you lose your job, retire or if the property is sold.

Even after you die, your tenancy can even be passed to your spouse, partner or a member of your family in certain circumstances.

In most cases the only way that your landlord can evict you from your home will be to supply you with suitable alternative accommodation. Accommodation will only be considered suitable if the new tenancy is another regulated tenancy or a secure tenancy provided by a local council.

Tenancies starting after 15 January 1989

If your agricultural tenancy started after 15 January 1989 you may have an assured agricultural tenancy. Also you may have a short-hold agricultural occupancy which is similar to an assured short-hold tenancy but will give you less housing rights.

You will only have a short-hold agricultural occupancy if your landlord/employer gave you a written notice saying that the occupancy was a short-hold at the start of your tenancy.

The rights and the grounds for possession of an assured agricultural tenancy are similar to those for assured tenancies. Once you become an agricultural tenant, you will continue to keep that tenancy even if you lose your job.

If you have an agricultural tenancy, then you will have the right to stay in the property unless a court makes an eviction order against you .


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