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How to stop or avoid being evicted from your rented property

Simply keeping up with your responsibilities and obligations as a tenant, makes it highly unlikely that you will suffer eviction. However, eviction is sometimes the only answer to tenancy problems but there are ways in which you can avoid being evicted as a tenant.

So, do not dismay, don’t give up and even if you are threatened with eviction it is still possible to remedy the situation before the actual evicion.

All you may need to do is follow a few simple steps and try and remain calm. If you are facing eviction or are worried about the possibility of eviction in the future, then here are some ways in which you can help yourself and avoid being evicted.

Pay the rent on time. The easiest way to avoid being evicted from your rental property is to keep paying rent on time. One area that annoys landlords more than anything and gives them grounds for eviction (via a Section 8 notice) above all others is a failure to make full rental payments on time. Paying your rent on time isn’t always easy so your rent should be one of your most important costs after food – yes really, that important so cut back on holidays, extras like smoking and booze, eating out, shopping for clothes and “nice to haves”… If you cannot pay your rent then you more than likely will end up being evicted, so it is important to make your rental payments a priority. If you do fall behind with your rent, then make sure you speak to your landlord or the letting agent and explain the situation. Most will give you a chance to sort out the situation.

As a tenant you will probably receive regular property visits by the letting agent or landlord. It’s your responsibility to keep the property tidy and clean so another way to avoid tenant eviction is to keep your rental property in good condition. If you damage property or remove items of property that don’t belong to you then the landlord could have grounds to evict. Repair damage and replace anything you break.

If you are threatened with eviction, then you need to make sure you know your rights. Even if your landlord has pressed for eviction or started proceedings (which MUST be via a Section 8 notice or a Section 21), you still have options. If you know and understand what the letting agency or landlord can and cannot do to you it will put you in strong position and help avoid eviction. You cannot be evicted until the landlord has obtained a court order to repossess the property and even then still has to get a court bailiff with a warrant to evict you. If your landlord tries to evict you before this by himself, forcibly or by harassment or intimidation, then you can take action against the landlord and possibly remain in the property.

If your best efforts fail and eviction looks on the cards because of rent arrears you still shouldn’t give up. Be reminded that the landlord just wants the rent owed and would probably prefer you to stay have to find a new tenant and the extra costs that would be incurred. So, seek help from a tenant eviction specialist. You might want to consider a short-term loan from a specialist tenant loan company. If you keep talking with your letting agent or landlord and are determined to stay in the property then some arrangement to halt eviction might be agreed.

In a nutshell; if you keep in regular communications with your landlord and know your rights as a tenant then you can avoid eviction.