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Student Rents - How much does University rental cost

The average cost of university accommodation has risen by 22% in the past three years, and by 50% since 1994 till 2010 according to the National Union of Students (NUS).

The survey of 132 university and private sector landlords found the average weekly room cost had risen from 81.18 in 2006-2007 to 98.99 in 2009-2010.

The NUS blamed the private sector for pushing up prices of accommodation.

Generally in the past few years, students at universities have swapped basic halls of residence for en-suites, broadband, 24-hour security and even a gym.

Critics say students often do not have a choice and some might end up paying for things that they don't necessarily need. Of course, students don’t expect five-star hotel standards but they do expect basic things like the electricity to work and the toilet to flush. However, according research there were too many students who were not getting the basic services they thought would be included for the amount of rent they were paying.

The real cost of being a student varies depending on what was the chosen university, obviously and there are huge regional differences in costs, according to the NUS.

Students pay the most in major cities like London where the average room costs 151 a week. However in the cheapest places, like Northern Ireland, it is just 68 a week. The average cost of renting a room in private accommodation is 392 per month or nearly 12,000 during a typical three year course.

Also students at major universities, like in London prefer to pay the most rent in pursuit of their academic achievement with the average rent 598 per month. This means that students on three-year degree courses at such universities as LCE, UCL, King`s College will spend almost 18,000 on their rent.

In the case of students who choose a medical or veterinary science degree in London, they must be ready to spend 30,000 on rent by the time they qualify.

With the rising costs of studying for a degree students cannot just spend their money unwisely. It is important that students consider how they will finance their degrees and rent money!