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Student Renting at Univeristy or College the basics

We’ll give a brief overview of university accommodation here. Each university has its own systems in place so best to check with them direct. However, if you are considering renting from a private landlord then please read the section on renting private accommodation.

Accommodation is split between on campus accommodation and off campus accommodation. On campus accommodation comprises of halls of residence, which are typically reserved for first year students and are generally blocks of flats with communal living areas, such as the lounge and kitchen. The price to live in halls fluctuates from university to university and depending on circumstances like catered or non catered accommodation, en suite or shared bathroom and so on. Off campus accommodation will comprise mainly of shared houses and flats. Within most university towns and cities, student accommodation is in abundance and more often than not there are more rooms to rent than students

When you get your offer you'll be sent a list of accommodation. Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so you need to be quick off the mark to get the best places. If you want to share with a friend request it on your application form.

Rent will be set at the start of the year and normally pay rent for a full term upfront, usually the rent includes bills and if meals are provided they are usually covered in the rent too.

If you are a full-time student you do not have to pay council tax. You maybe asked to pay a deposit, which will be returned to you at the end of the year so long as you don’t trash the place.

You should consider taking out tenants insurance for your personal possessions and to cover your motorbike or car if you have one. Check out Student Insurance or Tenant Insurance products for the best deals around.



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Walk Through

Can I just add that students should not forget to do a walkthrough before moving in or moving out? It will help them keep a record of the before and after state of the apartment. There are sites online like http://movein.space/walkthrough?utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=content-links&utm_source=losbanos that they can use for free for the walkthrough. :)

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