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I'm a student, do I need to pay council tax?

If you're a full-time student and you share with other full-time students then you shouldn't pay any council tax.

To qualify as a full-time student you'll need to be either Studying at a 'prescribed place of education' or taking a course that lasts for at least one academic year and involves 21 hours study per week for 24 weeks of the year, or if you're under 20 taking a course that leads to a qualification up to (but not above) A-level standard. The course must last 3 months or more and involve at least 12 hours study a week.

Council tax is billed per property so you'll need to live with other students to avoid paying council tax on your property. A flatshare with only students in it is usually exempt from paying council tax. If you live with employed people then the property as a whole is likely to be liable for council tax.

However, if there is a mix of students and professionals then those in employment will still get a council tax bill. How you handle that is between yourselves. Legally the students don’t pay and the employed do and as the tax is per property it might be best to split the tax bill between all of you regardless of who are the students, just for peace and quiet.