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Advice For Students when Renting – Don’t be an Anti-Social Tenant

Every year a lot of students rent properties in the private sector housing of the local community and for many it will be the first time they have lived away from their parents and living independently.

If you are student tenant then you need to try to fully integrate into your local community.

Firstly you might want to think about introducing yourself to the neighbours and try to develop a good relationship with them. They will then be more prepared to keep an eye on your property for you, hold your spare keys (if you ask about this), tell you which day the bins are collected or help you out in an emergency. Also, take an interest and pride in where you live by keeping the gardens and especially the frontage tidy, it will go down well with the neighbours too.

Are you a Noisy Tenant ?

If you are planning a party, let your neighbours know it in advance, may be even invite them. Then you need exactly agree a mutually acceptable time for it to end. Usually, Friday and Saturday nights may be more acceptable for party nights, but you should still be considerate of those with children or those who have to get up for work at weekends.

If your neighbours do complain about you to the council or the Environmental Health Protection Agency, they can take action against your household. You can even be evicted for anti-social behaviour.

You as good tenant need to keep the noise down as far as possible, both inside and outside the house. Consider the position of stereos and televisions within your property. Try to avoid placing them against walls adjacent to neighbouring houses and raise them off the floor if possible.

If you have laminate, wooden or stone floors don’t run around in your football boots or practice dirty dancing in your high heels at 1am in the morning – by all means practice barefoot!

After 11pm on weekdays people generally do not expect any noise at all.

Remember always to keep your windows and doors shut and music at a reasonable level. Be considerate when coming back late in the evening.

Banging doors and shouting from room to room can often be heard next-door, especially where walls are thin. If you can hear your neighbours, they can hear you too.

When you go out double check that you have your keys, so you will not wake anyone when you get back by having to shout up at windows, bang on doors or throw stones at them or even worse have to wake the neighbours at 2am to get the spare keys.

When you have friends or other guests staying over, speak with them so that they behave sensitively because in your tenancy agreement you will be held responsible for any noise they make or any damage they might do.

We are not advocating living like monks or nuns or even making your home as quiet as a library but everyone hates noisy neighbours so a little thought and consideration from yourself will go a long way to getting on with your own neighbours and making your own life a little easier.


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