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Here we are going to give non-specific information for students renting accomodation. We will cover finding a rental property, dealing with agents and landlords, getting a tenancy agreement sorted, viewing rental properties and how to negotiate rents and items for the inventory. We will also cover tenants insurance and specifically student insurance. If there is anything you specfically you want to know about drop us a line.

Student Rents - How much does University rental cost

Costs are rising but how much does it really cost

Student Debt Consolidation - TenantsTips

Making your total debt easier and cheaper to manage, its time to consider a student consolidation loan

Students Contents Insurance

Make sure you safeguard your belongings, cheaper to insure than replace that laptop

Student Loans

Great value low cost loans just for students

Tip for sharing a rented house or flat

Some basics you need to think about before sharing a rented property

I'm a student, do I need to pay council tax?

It depends on you and who you share with, find out more

Student renting checklist

Top things to consider before renting as a student

Student Renting at Univeristy or College the basics

Some of the basics a student needs to know when renting through a univeristy or renting through a college.