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Loans for Tenants

Do you need a loan for a deposit for a new place? A rent loan for this months rent which is already late? Some new furniture? Need money for new carpets and other home improvements? Or just to treat yourself?

Whatever the reason for the loan in our loans section you can find many links for loans which are available for tenants. Please take your time to browse through these options available to find the best tenant loan out there.

TenantsTips is not affiliated with any loan company nor do we provide direct leads or are we aggregators for any specific loan companies we simply try and get across the information you need to think about before you take out a loan.

We strongly advise everyone to check the fees, charges, interest rates and terms and conditions associated with any loan before agreeing the loan. Non-payment: can reduce your credit score and you may not get credit in the future; cause you loss of any asset secured on the loan, such as your home and you may have extra charges or interest added to the loan. Many loans are repaid by direct debit, but some types of cash loans may be collected personally weekly or monthly from your home. If you extend or renew the loan more charges may apply. Good luck.

Deposit Loans

Discover everything you need to know when looking for deposit help

Rent Advance

Don't have the rent money on rent day? Get it within a few hours with specialist companies.

Debt Consolidation

Loans for people who need to bring all the debts under one roof.

Christmas Loan

A Christmas loan could help you through this financially demanding period of the year.

Holiday Loan

If you're short of available cash for your next holiday you might want to consider a holiday loan.

DSS and DHSS Loans

Great Info about loans for those claiming benefits.

Unsecured Tenant Loan

Loans for tenants without security required - apply and get the money tomorrow in cash!

Quick Cash Loans

Quick cash loans for tenants where you can get the money tomorrow in cash.

Student Loans

Great value low cost loans just for students

PPI Claim

If you have a loan with any Financial institution you may be able to reclaim thousands if you have been miss sold PPI

IVA Loans

IVA loans are now widely available to help you

Loans to buy a car

Theres some great deals available now with interest rates so low. So if you fancy that new car, now might be the time for a cheap car loan

Tenants Credit Cards

Best credit cards for tenants - pay nothing for 24 months!