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Tenancy Section Notices

Tenancy section notices are used to inform tenants formally of the landlords or letting agent’s intent to carry out certain actions. Section notices need to be issued by tenancy law in order to enforce a particular action. There are many different sections notices which apply to different tenancy law. Find out about all section notices here!

What does a Section 21 Notice mean?

The legal meaning to a section 21

What does a Section 8 Notice mean?

What a Section 8 Notice Mean? We'll tell you all!

What is a Section 13 Notice

Your landlord must issue a section 13 notice to increase the rent - find out more!

The Section 213 means your landlord must register your tenancy deposit

Your landlord must register your deposit - according to the law!

My landlord is trying to evict me - here's what you must do

Is your landlord doing it by the book? Find out.

What is Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985?

It defines what your landlord must do