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Legal Help

Free legal help for tenants.

PPI Claim

If you have a loan with any Financial institution you may be able to reclaim thousands if you have been miss sold PPI

Tenancy Law in England and Wales

Here we summarise and in some cases list the laws of Enlgland and Wales that apply when renting a residential property including where possible full listings of the statutory laws - courtesy of The Crown & HM Government.

Tenancy Section Notices

Tenancy section notices are used to inform tenants formally of the landlords or letting agent’s intent to carry out certain actions. Section notices need to be issued by tenancy law in order to enforce a particular action. There are many different sections notices which apply to different tenancy law. Find out about all section notices here!

Free Legal Help

Whether its a dodgy landlord, or Agent or even divorce and family problems its always best to get legal advice

How do I find my landlords address when renting from a letting agent

Tenants have the right to know who your landlord is! Here's how to find out!

What to do when you’re letting agent refuses to give you your landlords name and address

Tutufo asks the question, we give him the answer to fix his problem

Landlord and Tenant Law

Here you will find a summary of real landlord and tenant law cases for a variety of rental scenario’s.

I just received a CCJ judgement - what happens now?

If you have received a CCJ heres some advice on what might happen next

What is an Order for Possession?

Understand what a order for possession means and what you must do

Have you been served with a notice about a possession hearing?

What to do after you have been served with a notice about a possession hearing