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Renting Property with Pets

One thing you should know upfront. You must be prepared to pay a higher deposit for any damage or additional cleaning that the pet may cause. When you think of the hairs and smells generated by your friendly canine or feline you shouldn’t expect anything less no matter how well groomed or bred your favourite friend is.

If you own a cat or a dog, don’t forget to get pet insurance. A lot of insurance policies not only cover your pets vet bills but also include public liability insurance, just in case your pet causes damage to somebody else’s property.

If you are travelling to the UK with your pet from overseas, or are looking for pet friendly vacations, don’t forget your pet passport. This can take several months to complete the process, so don’t leave it to the last minute. Contact your vet for details.

Dogs: Few landlords accept hairy pets these days, however some landlords may accept dogs by negotiation especially long haired varieties. They will want to know about your dog or want to meet your dog before signing the tenancy agreement. It might sounds strange but some “Dog support Groups” recommend writing your dog a ‘C.V.’ before searching for a property. This should include; Your dog’s breed, size, age and whether it is neutered, a description about your dogs personality, whether your dog has attended training classes, How much does it moult, whether your dog is generally quiet. Providing as much information as possible, you are more likely to encourage a landlords to accept your pet.

Cats :Some houses may have a cat flap built in, if not you may be able to make arrangements to have one installed into a back door. However, if the landlord may request that this may have to be put back to the original state once the term of the lease has finished. You will have to pay the cost of installation if agreed.

Smaller Animals :Advise the landlord where you plan to keep your pet. Rabbits and Guinea pigs best outdoors, birds in a cage and fish in a tank obviously but we would seriously advise taking out suitable insurance.

If after advising the landlord of your pet the landlord is still reluctant to accept a pet it might be a good idea to invite the new landlord to see where you and your pet currently live. Hopefully, if a landlord sees that the house is clean and your pet has not caused any damage, they are more likely to be won over.

Above all you must leave the property it in the same state as it was when you arrived as per your tenancy agreement. If you can convince the landlord of this and if accept and are prepared to pay for additional cleaning then you are more likely to be allowed to keep them.

If you were renting previously try and obtain a reference from your previous landlord making special reference to your pets in it.


Pet CV

Pet owners should think of creating pets resume. Not all landlords are asking for CV of your animal, but more renters are getting them. There are many articles concerning its creation on the web. Here is the one of them https://rentberry.com/blog/renting-with-pets. In the CV you can present summary of your animal's best qualities as well as examples of your responsibility as a pet owner.

Pet Friendly 3 Bedroom Detached Waterfront house for rent near Cambridge

I am a landlord and have 1 dog and 2 cats myself. I find it very strange that in UK - known as a country of Dog Lovers, dogs are not allowed in shops, some public places... and also in most rental accommodation.
There for I allow tenants to move in with a well behaved pet.

Our 3 Bedroom Detached Waterfront House near Cambridge and Newmarket is currently available for rent as from the 1st of March 2013. You can find more details on our HOUSE WEBSITE: www.marinanews.co.uk

"Waterfront Detached House FOR RENT on Private Estate in Isleham Marina with Free Mooring.
3 Bedrooms, Large south facing conservatory, Converted Loft, sunny South facing Garden with 33ft lake frontage.
Beautiful, peaceful location 1 Hour from London, 15 min from Newmarket, 25 min from Cambridge.
Sorry, not suitable for house shares, but a well behaved pet is welcome. Directly from owner -- £895 per a month
For photographs and further details and please visit our House WEBSITE: www.marinanews.co.uk"

Renting with pets [disability assistance dogs]

I want a 1 bedroom UNFURNISHED social tenancy in North Humberside but not Hull, on the ground floor. with a garden. As I do not come from this area, I would be glad if you could e-mail me the council or housijng associations that I may approach. I have had my name on East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Housing Register since April 2008 and also on Sanctuary North Housing Association's Housing List for the same amount of time. My carer lives in North Ferriby and I would like to live cfoser to him as he is the driver of my motability car, and new criteria applies.

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