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Can I rent a property with an IVA

It is perfectly possible to rent a property when either in an IVA or having come out of one. Your prospective landlord (or the agent) may wish to do a credit check which will show you are in an IVA, so you should declare it at the outset of the application.

If you are in an IVA then in most cases, all you'll then need is a letter from your supervisor confirming that payments are up to date and everything is running satisfactory. If you have arrears or have defaulted on payments to your IVA, this may cause you a problem (see below), otherwise you should be fine.

The agent or landlord may also request a guarantor. In fact if you have a guarantor then make an offer to provide one at the outset. It will put you in good standing with the agent or landlord.

Most letting agencies have dealt with tenants who have poor credit ratings and landlords are fine as long as they know they are going to get the rent. Depending on the letting agency you may also have to pay a certain number of months in advance but this is certainly not always the case.

The best advice is to be upfront and as long as you can prove you can afford the rent you should be okay


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