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Before you rent

Before you rent, tenants have many things that they need to know about renting and being a tenant. In this section we focus on everything a tenant must do before they apply or move into a property.

Why reading the small print in a tenancy agreement is so important

Don't get caught out when it's too late, read your tenancy agreement before you sign it, Here is a few tenantstips.

Rent or Buy a Property. What is best and does it matter?

Don't get caught out when it's too late, read your tenancy agreement before you sign it, Here is a few tenantstips.

What are a tenant`s responsibilities?

Tenants’ responsibilities should be clearly described in the tenancy agreement signed at the commencement of the tenancy.

How to avoid rip-off Letting Agent Administration fees

Every year more and more people are tenants than ever before. Here you can read some tips how to be a happy tenant.

Renting to Minors – Can I Rent Under 18

Many landlords refuse to let to 16- and 17-year-olds because they fear that minors cannot be bound by a contract but it doesnt have to be this way.

Smoking Tenants

Smokers are feeling more and more under threat nowadays as many landlords refuse to rent to them

How to rent with Bad Credit, CCJ's, IVA's or Bankruptcy

Expert secrets of how to rent with bad credit...

What is included in a fully furnished rental property?

Know exactly what furniture you should expect when renting a furnished place!

10 Tips for Tenants to help you get that property

These tips will make your search easier, quicker and less stressful

The advantages of letting from a Letting Agent

The pro's and con's of using a letting agent to find and rent a property

How to calculate how much rent can I afford to pay each month

Learn how much rent you could afford to spend

Tip for sharing a rented house or flat

Some basics you need to think about before sharing a rented property

5 Things to know before you rent a property

Agents Fees, Deposits, Referencing, Tenancy Agreements .. its all here.

Renting Property with Pets

Pet friendly accommodation is in short supply these days follow these tips to help your cause

What to do if the landlord is not upholding agreements

If your landlord (or agent) agreed to do something before you moved in and didn’t here’s what you can do..

How to choose a good Letting Agent to find your rental property

The advantages of using an approved letting agent

What is Tenants Contents Insurance?

Why Lose your £1000 deposit when you dont have to?

What is an Inventory and Schedule of Condition

The inventory - is it more important than the tenancy agreement?

Should I declare my IVA when applying to rent?

Top tips for renting with poor credit

What does Joint and Several mean in your tenancy agreement?

If you split the rent with someone else, you may be at risk

Deposit Loans

Discover everything you need to know when looking for deposit help

Can I leave my rented property before the end of the tenancy agreement

Know the fact's about finishing your tenancy early

Do tenants need to have their own contents insurance?

Learn why its a good idea for you to get your own cover

Can I rent a property with an IVA

Yes! As long as you can do the following

Free Credit Check

Check your credit history for FREE!

Contents insurance that protects your tenancy deposit

Find out why you should never lose your deposit!

Free Score Credit Score Check

Check your credit score history quickly and easily online.

The advantages of renting from a private landlord

Discover ALL of the benefits from renting directly from a private landlord, not just cheaper rental prices!

Renting with Bad Credit

Tips on how to rent with bad credit...