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How to rent

  • How to decide what to rent and where to rent.
  • How to find a suitable property.
  • Dealing with Agents and Private landlords.
  • The Application, references and credit checks
  • The Tenancy Contract (AST - Assured Shorthold Tenancy).
  • Finance (How much you'll need to pay and way's you can raise the money)
  • During the Tenancy
  • Ending The Tenancy

Here we tell you what to do (and what not to do!) when looking for and taking on the committment of a legal tenancy in England. We cover the whole process from the first thoughts you might have about renting a property, through searching for and locating a suitable property, including what to look for and what questions to ask along the way.

Before you rent

Before you rent, tenants have many things that they need to know about renting and being a tenant. In this section we focus on everything a tenant must do before they apply or move into a property.

How to apply to rent

How to apply. What documents are required? What requirements must you meet? Level of income required? References? Previous credit history?