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How to find landlord's that will accept DSS?

If you are claiming housing benefit or local housing allowance you may find it difficult to rent from a private landlord. Here we give you our top tips to find landlords that which accept DSS.

Find DSS accepting landlords through friends and relatives

A great way to find a DSS landlord is through your social network. This includes friends, relatives and everyone associated with them. Within your social group you will find people which rent out properties.

Find these DSS landlords by speaking to your network and tell them that you are looking for a property to rent and almost all the time somebody will know a landlord looking to rent their property.

You will have an advantage over other perspective tenants as in some way you are connected to this landlord. DSS landlords often like to rent their properties through their social network to friends, family, colleagues and even friends of friends.

Landlords tend to prefer renting in this way as they often trust friends and family more than a stranger. Your chances of renting are improved if you can come with a recommendation to that DSS landlord from one of their network members mentioning how reliable you are.

Look locally for DSS landlords

DSS landlords tend to offer their properties privately and will advertise it in the local classified pages, shops and supermarkets. The other top place to find DSS landlords is on your street or streets nearby in your area. Landlords often refurbish their properties in some way between tenants. Why not approach this landlord and see if they will rent to you.

Ask your local council for a list of registered DSS landlords

DSS landlords will often register their property with the local council in order to find tenants. The council will then offer that property to DSS tenants on their waiting list. The council sometimes keep lists of these DSS landlords and DSS letting agents to help perspective tenants find suitable properties so make sure that you enquire with your local council for a DSS property lists.

Use the DSS property search engine

Tenantstips have developed the UK's only DSS property search.

We do all the hard work for you. Our special DSS search trawls the internet to find properties that will accept housing benefit payments and brings them back you in one search saving you lots of time and effort.

Using our DSS property search means you only need to search from tenantstips.co.uk to find all the DSS rental properties on the internet.

Remember, our DSS property search is always looking across the internet for new properties that will accept DSS, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Be sure to check back regularly as the properties tend to come and go quickly. Search DSS Properties

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