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How Often Can I get Discretionary Housing Payments

There are two types of DHPs, lump sum payments and ongoing payments. Obviously, with lump sum payment such as deposit payments or rent in advanced are one off payments to help you get your housing situation sorted. Lump sum payments can also be made to clear arrears in order to prevent you becoming homeless.

Ongoing payments are normally made to meet the shortfalls in housing benefit and can be and are normally made inline with your housing benefit payments.


How long will ongoing DHP payments be received for?


The period that going DHPs are made will depend on the basis of your DHP and why it was granted to you. For example, the DHP may have been granted until the end of a fixed term tenancy to help you sustain the rent and avoid falling into arrears, after this point it could be expected that you will find alternative cheaper accommodation. This kind of situation will obviously be discussed at the start before your DHP is awarded so that you are aware of the situation. It is possible for the local council to award DHP until there is a further change in circumstances.


What happens if my situation changes?


As with housing benefit payments, if there is a change in your circumstances you must notify the awarding council as soon as possible. The timescale which you will need to inform the LA is specific to the LA and you should be made aware of this at the time you are granted any ongoing DHP together with what changes to your circumstances count.


When will DHP stop being paid?


Ongoing DHP payments can be stopped if the LA find out that you have not informed them of truthful or accurate information when you have submitted you application or when you have provided an update in the change in circumstances or if made in error.


What happens if DHP is overpaid?


If the LA has overpaid DHP to you them they are able to recover it if the overpayment has resulted from failure from you to disclose material fact whether intentional or not. The LA are unable to recover this money from your ongoing HB or council tax benefit, but, they can request the payment from you and can enforce this through debt collection agencies or via the courts.


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