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Home Swap

Swapping homes is becoming a popular and effective way of moving to a better home , changing the size of your home if you need a larger or smaller one, or to move to a different area with less of the hassle of moving in a traditional way.

Long chains can be very stressful when moving homes, and have a tendency to fall through. With a property swap, there are no such problems. If both tenants are happy with each other's property, then it is a straight forward for both parties.

Council Exchanges

Council House Swaps are as popular as private swapping or indeed with housing associations. Many Social Landlords accept exchanges in this way.

House Swap Websites

These websites are popping up and Home Swap, or Home Exchange sites like UKHomeswap specialise in council house exchanges but others deal in other sectors of the market. These sites enable you to see what is available in your chosen area and compare current tenancy arrangements with potential exchanges. Once registered with these sites you can create your own “wanted” advert and can decide what information you wish displayed. They often have a messaging service where you can be notified of other “swappers” who are looking for a property like yours or where your requirements match someone else.

This Swap Property Section hopes to cover many of the aspects associated with using this technique to move to your new home.

Council House Exchange

How do you exchange your council house for another?

House Swaps How to Do it

How do you even go about swapping your home, some help along the way

Home Swap Sites

What websites are out there to help me and what should I look for?