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DSS Properties

At tenantstips we know how difficult it is for those tenants who are on benefit or DSS to find suitable rental properties for benefit housing as unfortunately many letting agents and their clients will not even contemplate taking on a DSS tenant or even look at benefit housing.

To help DSS tenants and Benefit tenants find rental properties where they do accept dss or will consider dss tenants we have developed a special search that looks for benefit housing across the UK and covers houses, flats and properties of all types

If you use this search, simply enter the postcode or town where you are looking for benefit housing and our search will do the rest.

There is no charge for this, when you see a dss property that you think might be suitable simply go and take a look. It might be a letting agent or an ad in a local paper but once you have found a suitable rental property you need to act fast as they dont stay on the rental market for long.

Housing benefit properties to rent are hard to come by, we hope you find our tool useful and if you do please tell your friends about us, after you have secured a dss property yourself of course !

Unfortunately we are experiencing some problems with our special property feed for DSS properties which links into all the rental property search engines only returning those landlords and agents who accept people claiming benefits.

We are working with our partners to get it sorted so this facility is currently offline. Apologies for this but we are on the case and we will get it sorted as soon as possible.