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Periodic Tenancy - contract caveats

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Wednesday 13 March 2019 11:26:39 am


I'm about to move out of my current rental where the initial 6 months contract has, upon some research, converted into a 'periodic tenancy' due to nothing new being signed (ended in Oct).

Within the agreement, there are some clauses to 'protect' the landlord. Would these apply to me, given how the contract has now changed into periodic?

"Special conditions: If the Tenant(s) do not wish to remain at the property after the end of the fixed term then one month's prior notice, from the contractual date, to quit should be given in writing to the Landlord or the Landlord's Agent.

In exceptional circumstances, it is possible to break the contract (STA) before the 6 months date. In all cases, this is only possible with the explicit agreement of the landlord, a minimum of 1 months notice & a compensation payment to the landlord. The actual amount of compensation paid will be 2 weeks rent, if time remaining on original STA at the time of departure, is 2 months or less (& 3 weeks rent, if more than 2 months)."

Really appreciate any insight! I want to end it today so that i'm paying double rent for as little time as possible, I just really don't want to have to pay the extra 2 weeks rent.

Appreciate your help!