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Did landlord break the rules

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Thursday 09 August 2018 8:15:16 pm

We are regular tenant couple who needed to extend an extra month, after initial 12 months contract was completed without a single issue (was meant to me 36 months however landlord wanted to return to property) For extra month landlord insisted we extend with letting agent, tenancy agreement, contracts usual fee's - all of which we would expect. Nonetheless landlord forced us to pay additional £2000 on top of rent paid to letting agent, then adding all their own fee's onto us, eventually we paid additional £2600 for 4 extra weeks on top of usual monthly rent.

Reason we required extra month we had a baby a few months earlier which the landlord did know about. And the grueling search with a new born was so awful we were left with little choice to pay the landlords demands.

Now we have left we can take counter action. Did the landlord act illegally?