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Leaving before S21's notice ends.

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Sunday 11 June 2017 7:21:45 pm

Hello everyone. We have a 6 months fixed term tenancy started on the 2nd of December 2016 to the 2nd of June 2017, and the S21 notice was given to us the 24 th of May 2017. Therefore two months notice to the 24 of July was given to us by the Landlord. We had not renewed our 6months fixed term tenancy, so our question is about if we could leave before the notice period ends even if our 6months contract has already expired. Do we need to give one month notice? Should we pay the rent until the notice period ends? We have already found another place to move, and we had agreed with the new landlord to move on the 2nd of July. Which would be the consequences of moving before that notice? Thank you for your help.