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How much will this actually cost me a month?

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Friday 09 June 2017 8:19:14 pm


I’ve been living with my parents for *way* too long and have to move out quick sharp (seriously, semi-emergency situation). I’ve just applied for Universal Credit. I believe I’ll be eligible for housing benefit which is I’m told a maximum of £480pcm. Move out priority number 1, then job number priority 2.

I have a place to view on Monday. I want to find out how much it’s actually going to cost as I’m pretty ignorant of that kind of thing.

It’s a studio flat to rent. £395 pcm. And fees apply as it’s through an agency, will find out what those are obviously.
It’s unfurnished, long term, gas central heating, water included in rent.

Obviously gas and electricity will be on top. Do those cost just on the amount you use generally? Or is there some fixed base rate (irrespective of whether you use any or not)? Or is there a start up charge typically?

Council tax. I guess that’ll be on top? What do I need to find out to know how much that’ll be?

What other rent like costs will there be if any?

Basically, how much is the total rent + bits going to be, or what do I need to find that out?