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Friday 15 March 2019 7:22:36 am

The real sense of travel is that you don't need to wait, you don't need to cooperate, you don't need to plan, you can go to the lively place and have fun together with your backpack, and go to a quiet place to make some stays. See if others have passed by, there is no purpose, there is no place to go. When you meet the mountains, feel the stalwart and watch the monkeys climb the treetops []Newport 100S Cigarettes[/url]. Watch the gentleness of the water and enjoy the panicking of the fish. Everything goes with the flow, accepting the wind and the sun, and accepting the storm. I don��t want to have all kinds of problems on the road, I am willing to accept new arrivals in all the right places. Although I have not been to a complete attraction in the days of Changde, I have not recovered from the noisy, avoiding the noisy, and the body is exhausted and recovering very well. It seems that my heart is also empty. Let's set off again. When we walked to the station in the morning, we went to the train. If someone took these days into a video, it would be a waiting car, get off the bus. Looking around in the middle of the crowd, the elevator goes back and forth. The malls are lingering and walking on the streets. In the morning, waiting for the bus at the bus stop, the sunset is walking in the park, the lens is connected in series, everything is just right, I need this carefree and unintentional time Changde to Zhangjiajie to take the train back through Linyi County, Shimen County, Cili County then arrived in Zhangjiajie. On the side of the return trip, it happened to be the scenery outside the window that was not seen on the other side []Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale[/url], especially like the new road Shimen County station parked back and forth, about half an hour, you can get off. In addition to the children who buy things at the station, they are the people who smoke. The biggest feature of the green leather car is the people who go around and scream for something. They stand in the aisle with their own loudspeakers, and constantly show you the difference of the products, as well as the usage and function. When they sell the products, if you look at them, he will feel that you are interested and willing to give You are so sloppy that I still admire their eloquence and admire the cold-eyed and indifferent people who are not afraid of others []Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale[/url]. Suddenly remembered, this is the husband of who is the father of the child. If he came back to college, he happened to be on the train and saw his father try his best to sell products that he did not know where he came from. A car compartment repeats in a compartment, does not stop for a few hours, does not rest, and can not sell a few pieces, what the child will think. When he was playing games at school, would he suddenly remember this scene? He didn��t hate his speech slowly, so I couldn��t rest. It��s not easy for everyone to reach the station in Zhangjiajie City at 1:30 pm. The flow of outbound people is very crowded. I have reason to believe that this is another group of people who come to Zhangjiajie to travel and don��t know where they are from, but foreign friends are more conspicuous. There are dark skin, blond hair, men and women. I feel that I am young and young, and most of them are young and middle-aged. Some people are very tall, and they are not necessarily skin problems. Those faces can really recognize Zhangjiajie in the rain and rain, and look for people who come to the past with all kinds of feelings. Who knows how many people will love and appear in this stream? How many tragedies, how many legends will be produced? Enter a supermarket to purchase supplies for tomorrow's uphill, we still have to go to Tianmen Mountain, this place where Tianmendong opened, if not, the core attractions in the trip to Zhangjiajie will leave regrets, the supermarket will always be family The place that I��d like to go []Cigarettes Types[/url], it��s gone for a few hours. Or a snack, after all, unlike the taste of the home, the BBK department store in the supermarket is recruiting []Newport Menthol Cigarettes[/url], excerpt their advertisements, you come to read: Meet the first time, just like the old man. I have never met before, but the first meeting has already been Xu Pingsheng! We are waiting for you.