After the poor Vanka sent the lette

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Tuesday 16 October 2018 1:39:01 am

After the poor Vanka sent the letter out, he was full of joy. He thought that Grandpa would pick him up xt morning, Vanka was woken up by the proprietress. The proprietress asked him to go to the backyard to wash the vegetables. Vanka went to the backyard with a listless water and washed a bucket of water at the well. Vanka has been thinking about it: how grandfather hasn't come yet! Maybe something happened halfway? As a result, all the dishes were accidentally dropped into the well. The boss saw the sound of something falling into the water. Then she rushed over and saw Vanka sitting on the stool and immediately picked it up: "Wow, you! Are you lazy? Wait for me to pack you up!�� Fanka hadn��t returned to God, he slammed a stick, so he ran away immediately, and the boss took a stick and chased it while facing Vanka []Newport Cigarettes Price[/url]. Vanka forced to cry []Marlboro Red[/url]. Climbing up the tree, the boss is too fat, can't climb up, and dances to the stick and says to Vanka: "You want to eat today! Tomorrow is the same! See you are not angry with me!"ways thought: Grandpa, come and save me, or I will starve!ough Vanka is so extravagant in his heart, who can hear it? He stayed up all night in the tree. He was very hungry. He slipped down the tree and crept into the kitchen. He heard the boss outside, bargaining with the guests, stealing some food, and cramping the tree. night, he finally ate the most hearty meal: two loaves. But he was already satisfied, so he fell asleep in a groggy way. In his dream, Grandpa drove the carriage of the carriage... You know why the mountains and rivers of the motherland are so beautiful? Do you know why the red scarf is so red? "Red Rock" []Marlboro Red 100S[/url], it will tell you.flaming era, the loyalty of the daring, the revolutionary penetrating all eyes, this is the lens that continues to emerge in my mind after reading "Red Rock." Similar to the movie "Party of the Party", "Hongyan" left me with the deepest impression that the Chinese Communist Party is full of blood and fire-like revolutionary enthusiasm. "The axe smashed the old world, and the sickle opened a new glory." They share a common belief, with common emotions, not afraid of the enemy's muzzle, dyed the flag with their blood, and dyed my heart.k" describes the period of the war of liberation. In the mountain city of Chongqing, the underground workers under the leadership of the Communist Party of China were brutally suppressed and persecuted by the Kuomintang reactionary spies, but they did not fear strong enemies, and they were unyielding in prison. The fight. "Red Rock" has created a character with distinct personality. I admire Jiang Jie. When the fierce enemy nailed the bamboo stick into her fingers, she was still so calm and calm, no matter how much pain, she did not say anything. There is also Xu Yunfeng, who is sensitive to the potential dangers in the bookstore. He protects comrades in the tea garden, calmly confronts the traitors, and ingeniously identifies the insidious traps of the enemy at the banquet. It shows that he is so resourceful and brave. I admire Hua Ziliang even more, even if he writes his pen and ink is not much, but his image is deeply reflected in my mind, the crazy look makes everyone not see the flaws []Cigarettes For Sale[/url], no, it should be said that There is no flaw at all! He did not think that he was the most important person of the Communist Party. There is another person who shocked me: Song Zhenzhong []Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url], a 10-year-old child, although his relatives were killed by the enemy, he survived strongly and joined the Communist Party to help the Communist Party with his own wisdom. Member, contributed to the revolution. There are also the martyrdoms such as Luo Shiwen, Yang Hucheng, Chen Gang, Chen Yao, and the two-gun old woman. They are rich and prosperous, I understand! The revolutionary martyrs exchanged the blood for our happy life today, and also exchanged for the new China! Every poem of the martyrs, every sentence, deeply shocked the hearts of every descendant of the Yellow Emperor. I want to thank "Red Rock", which set an example for me. It gives me a new understanding of the value of life and will make me a heroic and strong person, a good successor in the 21st century. I always believe it! In the land of the East, the spirit of Hongyan will radiate the light and shine the world!