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Friday 11 January 2019 2:45:06 am

Do you face trouble getting your children to eat their vegetables? I sure do.

My toddler used to be great about trying and eating just about anything and then she turned 2 ?. Now it is pretty much not possible to get her to eat something other than corn when it comes to groceries. So I had to come up with some fun and sometimes clever ways to get some vegetables in her. Here are a some of my favorites.

1) Make large pot of veggie soup [url=http://www.wholesalenflauthenticj...ent/80-Cheap-Los-Angeles-Rams-Jersey]Cheap Los Angeles Rams Jersey[/url] , and then add few fun noodle shapes. You can use alphabet noodles rather look for some fun novelty shapes. You may be able to find some cartoon characters, toy and sports shapes etc. I face even noticed pumpkin and Christmas tree shapes. With a little luck your children will be too busy spelling words, alternately identifying the shape to notice all the vegetables they are eating in the soup.

2) If you can’t make them eat it, make them drink it. Pour few veggie juice over ice and add a straw, a cocktail umbrella or a stick of celery and watch them drink it up. Your toddlers may not get as much fiber as eating the entire vegetable [url=http://www.wholesalenflauthenticj...79-Cheap-Los-Angeles-Chargers-Jersey]Cheap Los Angeles Chargers Jersey[/url] , but getting them to drink their vegetables is better than not getting any food in their system.

3) have you tried offering them some raw vegetables with few ranch dressing to dip them in? Many children who don’t care much for cooked vegetables will eat them up if they can dip them. Just grab a bag of baby carrots and cut up some red and yellow peppers and few cucumber. Arrange them on a plate with a little bit of ranch dressing or your favorite veggie dip on the side.

4) Take it even a step further and let them create artwork out of their groceries. Offer raw vegetables in different colors and shapes and encourage them to make a vegetable collage on their plate. You can easily make a face using slices of cucumber as eyes, a baby carrot as nose and a slice of red pepper as a mouth. You can use watercress or shredded carrots or even some cheese as hair. Before you know it, you’ll find them sampling their “art supplies”.

5) To get them to eat more vegetables at dinnertime try a little salad bar. Put out few lettuce, some sliced or chopped tomato, slices of cucumber [url=http://www.wholesalenflauthenticj...t/78-Cheap-Kansas-City-Chiefs-Jersey]Cheap Kansas City Chiefs Jersey[/url] , shredded carrot, slices of red and yellow peppers, tiny broccoli flowerets and something else you can think of. You may also want to offer them few choices when it comes to salad dressing. Favorites in our house are Ranch, Italian, Catalina [url=http://www.wholesalenflauthenticj...77-Cheap-Jacksonville-Jaguars-Jersey]Cheap Jacksonville Jaguars Jersey[/url] , and French. To top it all of set out some croutons and shredded cheese.

6) Get the your little one together and make a cold vegetable pizza. Start out with a can of crescent rolls. Unroll the dough, but don’t pull the triangle shapes apart. alternately push the seams together and bake on a baking sheet according to the package directions. Let the sheet of dough cool completely, then spread with some cr?me cheese (we like a vegetable or herb flavored one) and top with some thinly sliced raw vegetables. Cut into squares and serve.

7) Get them involved in the kitchen especially when it comes to cooking. Ask them to wash the vegetables, if they are old enough let them cut veggies (under your supervision of course), let them help you stir [url=http://www.wholesalenflauthenticj...t/76-Cheap-Indianapolis-Colts-Jersey]Cheap Indianapolis Colts Jersey[/url] , or something else you can think of that would be age appropriate. You’ll be amazed at how proud they will be of their finished product. Believe me, they’ll try just about anything if they made it.

8) If everything else fails, hide the vegetables in other food. My mom used to make us some special orange mashed potatoes. We thought it was very fancy, but all she did was to cook few carrots with the potatoes and mashed them right in there. You can also cover broccoli with tomato sauce or cheese. Think of a dish your kid really enjoys and sneak a little bit of vegetable in there.

Give a some of these ideas a try and see which ones work best for your kids. Keep at it and sooner or later they will start to develop a taste for food. Visit the site parenting-website to get more ideas on this topic.

Mike is a parent. His articles are based on his personal experience. He is also the owner of the site parenting-website where he offers FREE e-books on various Parenting issues written by top writers who are experts in the parenting field. On this site he also reviews top selling parenting products that will help you raise your children in the right manner. Visit parenting-website to download these free e-books and see which product suits your children the best.

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