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Off Topic

We don't always have to talk about renting... so, what's bothering you, something in the news, family and friends... You can talk about it here.

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23/06/2018 2:37 pm


Having problems or issues with your deposit, your landlord has not registered it? Letting agent has made unfair deductions? Maybe someone else has had the same problem.

169 295 Deposit dispute

18/06/2018 8:11 pm

Letting Agencies : The good, the bad and the down right ugly!

What do you love about them or even hate about them? Do they give good value or do they overcharge? How do they treat you and what about the repairs? Tell us all, ask questions = get answers.

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It has to be paid, but what problems are out there, had problems paying, landlord trying to increase it, are you paying a fair rent or paying too much?

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Housing Benefit, DHSS, and DSS

On housing benefit, local housing allowance, DHSS or DSS (as its commonly called). What problems are out there, have you had problems trying to rent, what about deposits and bonds?

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Tenancy agreements

Have the terms of the tenancy agreement been broken? Wish to leave before the end of the tenancy? Rented a property without signing a tenancy? Post your query here.

164 256 Illegal amendments to tenancy agreement renewal?

21/06/2018 10:52 pm

Landlord Issues

Love them or hate them, we all have to deal with them.Tell us our stories, whether good or bad.

140 228 Trouble with property managers

15/06/2018 2:43 pm

Repairs and Maintenance

Leaky pipes? Broken boiler? Rotting window frames? We have all the steps and legal proceedings you can use to get your landlord to fix the problem with your home.

149 227 Access to property inspection or repairs

22/06/2018 7:33 pm

Section Notices

Have your received a Section 21? Section 8 notice? Don't know what this means or what you can do? Post your questions, answer and thoughts here.

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10/06/2018 7:02 am